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TrendinTime.com is a free and totally independent economic-financial information site. Born from the mind of Marco Ianniello, Doctor of Economics, expert in Financial Intermediaries, Risk Management and Corporate Finance. But this project has its roots well before, when in 1998 he approached the independent study of Technical Analysis. In 2000 he decided to deepen macroeconomically the subject of "Exchange rates, news and market sentiment", unaware that in the future he would become a forex-trader. In 2008 he wrote "Confidence crisis on the money markets" in which he anticipated and immediately saw the dangerous outbreaks of the incipient economic crisis which proved to be the longest crisis in history.     The TrendinTime.com site is realized in 2010 entirely by his own work. On the website he himself publishes his articles of economics and his various analyzes on financial sectors, currency pairs, stocks and financial instruments. As in many other publications, the cut is descriptive and deliberately simple to always be available to everyone! It also shows, by way of example, the objective results of a Trading System built ad hoc for online publication.     
The mission of TrendinTime.com is to disseminate the culture of financial markets and macroeconomic systems. These are "two adjacent worlds" but not always well-connected: market and financial asset prices are not always consistently aligned with the macroeconomic fundamentals or with the prevailing expectations of financial operators. These divergences increase dramatically when individual investors or traders come into play that allow themselves to be carried away by their individual convictions which, save often the first time, are then transformed into a dangerous multiplier of the systematic error that destroys capital. Worse still when the operators let themselves be devoured by the news of the specialized press that always come in sharp delay, widely exploited and not always in the expected rational direction.      "How to curb or appease financial operators or alleged traders in the grip of this dangerous egocentric dynamic?"      As far as market news is concerned, articles and tweets are published to highlight the frequent evident de-correlations between news, fundamentals, expectations and price movements of the various financial assets.

As for the very dangerous subjective convictions, we are looking for the answer in the Trading Systems that are able to provide a clear and objective reading of the direction of the markets. In this way, a Trading System can be a useful tool for comparison and support for the decisions that each operator thinks to undertake: anyone who invests time and capital on the markets elaborates, explicitly or implicitly, too often subjective forecasts, thinking too much to profit and much less to the risks involved. Many times these subjective forecasts clash with the real trend of the markets and, despite the markets repeatedly deny them, the operators insist on supporting them even more ... Especially in these situations but also in normal operating conditions, it is essential to compare one's own point of view with something more objective to neutralize their beliefs. Here the objective estimates of Trading Systems become a useful yardstick for sterilizing personal feelings and emotions that too often lead to mistakes.


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From 2010 to today, the reports are published for free every week on our website and have since been kept in the historical archive of trading signals available online. Anyone can consult them and evaluate their reliability and their effectiveness ex-post.

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All information published on the Trendintime.com website and in the Weekly Reports represent an analytical and exemplary study of the markets and financial instruments.

They do not represent consulting or solicitation of investment or public savings.

     The reports, articles and all the contents of the Trendintime.com site are protected by the author's reserved rights.


TMX is a Trading System that derives from a trend-following stock exchange analysis platform developed in 2010 by Marco Ianniello for TrendinTime. The TMX was then updated in 2012 and revisited in March 2018. It studies and processes data from a basket of stocks, indices, ETFs and etc. that have been selected as examples to represent the main markets and financial instruments.

The TMX Trading System consists of articulated algorithms that however translate into a Weekly Report that manages to combine, in a comprehensive way, synthesis and simplicity to be within everyone's reach! The results of the analyzes are published on-line every weekend to be freely available on the following Monday, before the opening of the markets.

    The Report is structured for each financial instrument in three levels of information in which they are identified:

1) the trend measured in days and the average period volatility;

2) the most consistent trade positions by specifying the entry price threshold (buy or sell), beyond which the reliability of the indicated trend is strengthened, and an estimate of the minimum reference stop-loss level;

3) an estimate of the current risk / volatility in order to be able to size an investment in relation to the maximum sustainable loss.

    In fact, in capital, capital is at risk! It is essential to evaluate the extent of the stop losses to quantify, a priori and in terms of quantities / shares / shares / lots, the amount of capital that will be invested. It is evident that too large stops are synonymous with excessive risks that each operator must carefully evaluate in relation to their propensity for sustainability.

    Below you can consult the TMX-Report for the current week.

    Here you can see an application of trading signals to manage a real trade

How read TMX-Report
TMX-Report of the week

This Report represents an exemplary study activity and not advice or solicitation of investment or public savings.


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